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Owner, creator and trademark holder of Unicorn Poop, first published January 12th, 2012. Henceforth, Meme'd into the interwebs forever.

Unicorn Poop® 


Unicorn Poop was created in my parent's house in January of 2012. :) I was saying that I was going to make unicorn "sneezes" as cookies, and then my mom got impatient and said "when are you going to make your unicorn shit", sometime later in the night. At that moment, it hit me...that was it, it would be poop, instead of sneezes lol. She immediately objected and screamed "KRISTY NO!!!!" in a high pitch. It was then, that I knew this would be a hit.

From that day forward, my cookies and trademark have gone global, without recognition and myself being unable to control the meme. I'd have to have a team of Disney lawyers to deploy Cease and Desist letters on the daily, for all the "unicorn poop" products that have been created, since. 

(The road has been traumatic, overwhelming, and exhausting, for being such a pretty cookie.) What I've gotten from this experience is the life lesson, an extreme efficiency for shipping, and anxiety at the sight of my oven. LOL. The problem was, I didn't have the insight on how to scale, and really, I prefer to be the creator versus the manufacturer. 

I fought for Unicorn Poop® as a trademark for a couple years, or more, through (Representing myself and studying every sentence of law-jargon to understand what I had to do, every step of the way.) I won, I earned my right to use the word "unicorn" in commerce. But what I'd REALLY like to see, even to this day, is for my creation to be picked up by a major corporation and distributed properly, as per my original vision. So, if you're a trademark lawyer or some big-ass cookie company, hit me up for sure. hahahaha <3 

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