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Kristy, me, crazy, uh.. I just kinda like to do everything and anything with passion. i am the artsy-fartsy one.

Shawn, husband, developer. Super patient and tolerant of crazy wife. also super intelligent, the brain.


These three are a display of color rarity. Usually a Cutie Boo visits their normal haunts, relaxedly naked, so you never see them in public. But the rare and celebrity Cutie Boos, they like to glam it up or just flat-out be decked out with bling and much more fabulous sheets. I can’t wait to see what the master of code (husband) births with his datas. There are many accessories, t-shirts, eye colors, Cutie Boo colors, some mouths, cheeks, etc.  


I’m an artist, (not a game developer). In terms of possibilities, I would love to have my character picked up by a big brand, like Hasbro, or Sanrio or animated, that would be amazing! But on my end, all that I can control is that I just barf stuff onto the internet. Though...I do take an extreme amount of time creating, to make sure that I can provide value through diversity and staying power.



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