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We went to Downtown Disney to stroll around. I was slightly dressed as the purple Oogie Boogie kid, and my husband was Oogie Boogie. He ended  up becoming a photo-op for the patrons and they thought he was part of the Disney experience! To commerate the night, we wanted to get our caricature done by the guy at the stand. He had to make some phone calls behind the cart to his manager, who denied the commission, due to the legitimacy of the costume, and fear for repercussion, had he drawn it. :O


The most "famous" costume that I've created, was the Oogie Boogie suit. Created with burlap, yarn, glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and lots of lessons on "not giving up". This project taught me, that no matter how something looks at the moment, it can be changed. Failure and roadblocks aren't permanent, and all you have is the next step. Choose to overcome the downfall, and then you'll be a step closer to your desired outcome. At the creation of the face, Oogie Boogie almost had me in tears of defeat. In "fight or flight" mode, I said that nothing could get any worse than failure, so how about this....(I started to experiment and try ways of fixing and editing, to which, success was had.) So, I try to tell everyone, never giving up - sounds so cliche, but the truth is - you can't fuck it up any further, so see what you can make of the ashes. Pheonix that shit. lol


I also made my dogs some costumes, and this was the best fit. We named her Jersey Belle because her Boston Terrier patterning was so messed up that she looked like she was cow-printed. :) Instead of the iconic "Eat More Chicken" sign on the Chick-Fil-A cow, I chose to put "Want More Chicken" cuz...she wouldn't have told other people to get chicken, she would eat it all up, herself lol. She did so well, modelling this weirdo costume. I miss this baby girl. <3 R.I.P. Jersey <3 

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