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About Me :

Artist, in general. And more so of an Entrepreneur, because I am an idea machine that just "can't stop". The only way I can describe myself in create-mode is the comparison of John Travolta? getting struck by lightning and having a billion breakthroughs. That could be the right movie, or it could be a mixture of movies, I forgot.


Research mode - OH MAN...that's when I am out of control. I become a subject-stalker and try to learn everything possible about what I am doing. Preferential to DIY and taking the hard route, that's how I operate. 

Unpredictable and Innovative. I tend to change focus often, in favor of creating new paths or projects. "Flavor of the week" often changes, but everything lives on, in the internet. There are things in my mind that I just have to DO, MAKE, TRY...and that's who I am. So, the best of those things will be showcased here, on my official portfolio, or "gathering of my minds". Careful, it's a bumpy ride.  :)

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